About Us



Creating a food revolution through locally sourced, globally inspired rotisserie foods while providing an engaged human connection and giving back to our community and humanity for a healthy and happy world!


All of our meats are raised with love and without any added antibiotics or hormones.
Our chickens are Marys free range chickens which are fed a vegetarian diet with no added GMO. We spatchcock (de-bone) before cooking in the rotisserie oven. Spatchcocking the chicken allows for a crispy, more flavorful chicken while also ensuring none of the meat gets wasted.


Our planet is just as important to us as good, healthy food therefore we strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Reclaimed wood has been used throughout our restaurant, while all of our chairs are made from recycled aluminium and Coca Cola cans. Guests who are dining in will be served their meals on bamboo plates while take out orders are placed in recyclable/biodegradable packaging.
Spinnerie is the only restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area with a rooftop herb garden. We grow all of our own herbs which you can see from the side of our building on Pine Street.


Niko Koros

A son of a produce purveyor and farmer in Northern California, Niko Koros was born and grew up in the Bay Area. His parents are both from the culinary region of Greece, where cooking runs through their veins.

He spent 22 years cultivating his parent’s local farms in Northern CA, his mother taught him the importance of sustainability, yielding only the best quality ingredients and preparing food in a “simple local quality” philosophy. In addition, working nearly everyday at his father’s produce and butcher markets in the Bay Area, he learned the importance of quality local food. Working with his father in preparing rotisserie chicken with their renown “200 year old family Mediterranean recipe” at their Fruitvale Market in Oakland at the age of 4. Niko continued working at his fathers markets for 25 years while perfecting the rotisserie techniques. In addition, Niko and his family helped pioneered organic produce into the bay area in the 1970's and continued educating the public on the importance in using organic and fresh ingredients. Niko later studied and perfected rotisserie throughout the world by searching out only the finest ingredients and recipes. Niko studied in France under a renowned master rotisserie chef and she taught him the most innovative techniques in rotisserie. In addition, Niko spends a great deal of his personal time and recourses devoted in partnering with local and national charities.

Nick Bovis

Nick was born and raised in San Francisco and graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 1986 in horticulture and engineering. He worked as a farmer/horticulturist creating sustainable gardens in the central valley.

Nick then returned to work at the family business part time until his father asked him to take over the operations in the late 1990’s at Lefty O’Douls. His destiny brought him full circle back to his first love the hospitality food and beverage business.
Nick has devoted significant amounts of time and energy to the community of San Francisco, including organization of the annual Christmas Toy Drive at Lefty O’Doul’s in conjunction with the SFFD that collects thousands of toys for distribution to underprivileged children in the bay area. He is active in a number of industry and community organization, including president of the Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation for Kids a 501 C-3 non profit helping kids get baseball equipment they need.